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The Goatrek app uses adventure as the medium to connect like-minded individuals, combining outdoor exploration with social media.

What is Goatrek?

The Goatrek app allows users to connect through the devices they are already using by providing a place to share authentic travel and/or adventure experiences with our community of trekkers. Whether that be through trekking together or engaging in each other's content and being motivated to recreate similar adventures, Goatrek facilitates an experience for users unlike anything else on the market.


Whether you’re looking for a close-to-home hike or a trek across the globe, Goatrek makes discovering new adventures easy by centralizing your search process. Once you have your trek locked in you’ll need someone to join you on the adventure! Goatrek maintains an internal messaging function that gives users the power to discover other trekkers in their area & invite them along.


Share your treks by pinning them directly to the app’s internal map. Whether you’re hiking, climbing or biking, Goatrek allows you to pin the route for others to discover and attach live content, tips & trek insights to the adventure.


Building a following is simple with Goatrek, as it connects directly to your social profiles. The app makes it easy to create, curate & showcase your travel content across platforms. Upload as you trek or create a blog later on - Goatrek isn’t just a resource to find hikes & a tool to connect adventure seekers, but also your very own digital travel journal!

Features and Details

Goatrek makes adventure easy with these key features:

Local & international GPS

Whether you’re close-to-home or across the globe, Goatrek’s mapping is available anywhere!

Offline capabilities

No service? No problem! Goatrek will continue to pin your trek - even in airplane mode.

Shared treks include important information

Such as elevation, conditions & difficulty level.


Free to use

The Goatrek user app is free to download and to use - enjoy!


Get social with Goatrek by building a following or engaging with other trekkers to form new connections.

Available on iPhone & Android.

Blue bubble or green bubble - we don’t discriminate!

The Goatrek user app is available to download worldwide on the Apple app store & is designed for mobile devices.

Start trekking today!

With every trek mapped our community grows, with every step taken connectivity increases, with every authentic experience shared inclusion expands.